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Cookbook FAQs

Follow the latest goings on with our blog and find answers from the Hummingbird Bakers to your most frequently asked baking questions. Our FAQs are updated regularly, so keep checking back for updates!

Unfortunately we can’t answer individual queries via the blog. Baking has many variables and it takes practise. Even at our bakeries, it doesn’t always go perfectly, so don’t feel disheartened if it doesn’t work first time. Making the perfect cake or cupcake is both a science and a skill – it’s not easy being this tasty.


Can you post your recipes online?

Due to copyright restrictions, we aren’t at liberty to post without the permission of our publishers.

What was your first cookbook?

The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook was our first book. This was published in 2009 by Ryland Peters & Small. It contains 60 recipes.

What was your second cookbook?

Cake Days was our second book. This was published in 2011 by HarperCollins. It contains 103 recipes in total. This includes 100 new recipes and 3 revisited recipes (our classic Vanilla Cupcakes, Chocolate Cupcakes and Red Velvet Cupcakes were included due to demand).

What is the difference between your cookbooks?

The two books have completely different recipes in them, aside from our classic Vanilla, Chocolate and Red Velvet Cupcakes. The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook includes a selection of recipes categorised by type (Cupcakes, Pies, Brownies and Bars etc) while Cake Days groups together recipes which match certain events, moods and seasons (Valentine’s Day, Birthdays & Celebrations, Rainy Day Treats etc).

What is your Gift Edition The Hummingbird Bakery Cupcakes and Muffins cookbook all about?

Our publishers released a smaller Gift Edition for the USA which contained a selection of cupcake and muffin recipes taken from our first cookbook. This was published in 2009 by Ryland Peters & Small. It contains 28 recipes for cupcakes, muffins and frosting.

Are your recipes correct?

All of our recipes are correct as written and there are no typing errors.

Can you give out recipes?

All our recipes must be approved for release by our publishers first.

Where can I get items featured in your book photography?

Why are the three revisited recipes that appear in the Cake Days book doubled?

We doubled the recipe because cupcakes are becoming more popular in the UK and people are showing a preference for big, generous American-sized cupcakes. We increased the yield in our cupcake recipes to make 12-16 large cupcakes, just like the ones we sell in our bakeries. We still suggest bakers use muffin cases and not cupcake or fairy cake cases.

Why have you changed the dimensions of the loaf tins in Cake Days?

We haven’t! The two cookbooks have different publishers and they use different terminology to describe the same thing. So don’t panic, the same 2lb loaf tin applies to both books.

Why do instructions differ between various cupcake recipes in the two books?

The recipes are correct in both books, just follow the instructions as written and you should get great results.

Your second book seems to use more baking power and bicarbonate of soda than the first book. Is this right?

Yes, the recipes are correct as written but the yields in the Cake Days book tend to be bigger. This means that the amounts in the recipe have needed to be increased slightly.

When is your next cookbook out?

Our next cookbook is due out in Spring 2013.

What recipes will be in your next cookbook?

We haven’t finalised these recipes as of yet.

Do all of your Daily Specials make it into your cookbooks?

No, not all of them. The recipes that make it into our cookbooks tend to be the ones with ingredients that are easier to get hold of for our home bakers.


My cakes look different to the ones in the picture. Have I done something wrong?

If you have followed the recipe and they taste great, they’re spot on! Food, just like people, looks different when it is lit, styled and primped to perfection. Home bakes can be a much more rustic affair, but this only adds to their beauty and charm. Taste is the real test!

Where can I get items featured in your book photography?

Cake Days App

What is the Cake Days App?

There is a Cake Days app available for iPhones and iPads which has 85 recipes from our Cake Days cookbook. It also has exclusive features such as 20 videos showing you how to whip up your favourite Hummingbird cakes. It even has a step-by-step video to help you frost and decorate your cakes. For times when your baking isn’t going quite to plan, there’s friendly video advice offering tips and hints from the experts. You can create shopping lists to help you pick up your baking ingredients and there’s even a ‘clap to turn’ function which means you don’t have to cover your beloved technology in flour mid-bake. It’s like having The Hummingbird Bakery in your pocket!

I love it! How can I tell the world about my amazing new app?

If you like it, please visit the App Store and review it!

I have a technical issue with the app. Who can I contact?

This app has been developed and marketed by our publishers at HarperCollins, so if you have any feedback or questions please contact them directly at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Is the Cake Days App iPad compatible?

It is indeed, although it has been optimised for the iPhone. If there is enough demand for a full screen version on the iPad, the publishers have told us they’ll make one.

How many recipes does the Cake Days App have compared to the book?

The app has 85 recipes and the Cake Days cookbook has 103 recipes.

Is it available on Android/BlackBerry?

Not at this point in time. If you’d like to see it developed on any other platforms, please contact our publishers at HarperCollins and let them know: email hidden; JavaScript is required.

I live outside the UK and the Cake Days App is not available in my country. What can I do?

Please contact HarperCollins at email hidden; JavaScript is required or contact the iTunes App Store directly.