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You can’t get more classic than this – layers of light, moist yellow vanilla sponge, with plenty of vanilla or chocolate buttercream frosting. Our Special Ramadani frosting can be colored a delightful blue, green, pink or yellow. Designed with Ramadani visuals and elements made by Vanilla colored sugar frosting.
along with three chocolate chip cookies and tow chocolate brownies

Our cakes are freshly baked from scratch at each of our bakeries using quality ingredients, and we pride ourselves in not using preservatives.  

Available from 15th May. to 14th Jun.

Gift Boxes

Choose from delicious combinations of popular cupcakes flavours for a delightful gift or treat to share. Have your cupcake gift box ready for collection by calling Telesales or by pre-ordering in-store or online.


Dietary & Allergy Advice

This gift box is suitable for Vegetarians, but may contain items not suitable for Vegans.

Please note that although nuts may not be listed, all items are made in a kitchen that uses nuts

This gift box is not suitable for gluten allergy sufferers.

Although every care is taken during baking, sometimes a piece of eggshell, fruit stone or skin, or other recipe ingredient may find its way into our gift boxes.

Cake Box

Please note that all photos are representative, all our gift boxes are hand made, and therefore decorations and finish will vary.