Can I order online? How can I do this?

Yes, you can. Ordering online with The Hummingbird Bakery is easy! All you have to do is to click ‘Order Online’ at the top of the page, choose the product you’d like to order and click ‘Buy’. Then you select the quantity of cakes you would like (please note, certain varieties have a minimum order). Choose any decorations or messages you might like and proceed to payment. Once payment has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation email.


Can I order in store?

Yes, you can. You may be passing by one of our branches and wish to pre-order your cakes in store. Our branches will be happy to take your order and payment at the point of ordering. 


What is the cut off time for online ordering?

The cut off time for placing online orders for next day collection or delivery is 4pm the day before the order is needed. This is subject to kitchen availability. To order for collection between Thursday and Sunday, please allow at least a week to avoid disappointment. Weekends are our busiest days and slots for baking and collection are limited.


I need to cancel or amend my order. How can I do this?

To cancel or amend an order, please call Customer Care on 800-HBIRD. We’d very much appreciate if you would let us know of any cancellations or changes before 12pm the day before your order is due to be collected or delivered.

Our Customer Care lines can get very busy so if you find yourself put on hold, we recommend you leave a message. We will return your call shortly.


I’ve noticed an error in my order confirmation. What can I do?

If your order confirmation has an error, please contact Customer Care on 800-HBIRD immediately.

Our Customer Care lines can get very busy so if you find yourself put on hold, we recommend you leave a message. We will return your call shortly.


I haven’t received my confirmation email. What can I do?

Occasionally our confirmation email may find its way into your spam or trash folder. Please check these folders and allow plenty of time for the confirmation email to be sent through - it may not be received immediately. If a confirmation doesn’t arrive within an hour of placing your order, please contact Customer Care on 800-HBIRD.


Why is there a minimum order requirement?

We bake all our cakes fresh to order from scratch and when it comes to smaller treats such as cupcakes, we bake in batches just as a home baker would. Insisting upon minimum order amounts mean that our customers get the best value for money when ordering from us.


Can I pay for my order over the telephone?

Please note that we are unable to take credit card payments for orders over the phone. This is to protect genuine customers and help prevent fraudulent purchases being made with credit cards.

 Payments for telephone orders can be made in the following ways:

  • BACS or direct transfer (for all BACS or direct transfer orders, we request payment is made minimum of 4 working days before to allow payment to clear)
  • Payment can be made by Chip and PIN at the store of collection (minimum 24 hours before collection)

Our Customer Care team will be able to assist you with the 3 payment options above. Of course, we always encourage our customers to place their orders online themselves at their own leisure.


Why do you have limited stock of whole cakes in your bakeries?

Whole cakes are freshly baked to order so to avoid waste and ensure the best value is passed on to our customers. As our cakes are baked and decorated by hand and require space to be carefully stored, we find baking to demand to be the most effective system to reduce waste.


Why do some cake ranges need to be pre-ordered?

Some of our cakes and ranges need to be pre-ordered to allow the orders to be fulfilled in time. Certain cake recipes require unique ingredients, intensive preparation methods and careful decoration by hand to achieve the desired taste and presentation. Pre-ordering means that we can deliver quality cakes made to order without cutting corners.


Why can’t I choose my specific delivery time?

Deliveries are organised so that all of our customers receive their cakes as soon after baking as possible. This means that delivery routes have to be planned efficiently, taking into account London traffic and rush hours. This does unfortunately mean that we cannot guarantee specific delivery times.


Please note if your order is likely to be intercepted (e.g. a post room, reception or security), its arrival with you/the recipient may be delayed and is beyond the control of our delivery drivers. If you are sending this order as a gift, we recommend you contact the recipient so that they can liaise with their post room in order to receive their cakes as soon as possible. 


Why are whole cakes available to purchase in store more expensive than ordering the same cake online?

We bake a very limited number of cakes in store each day with a small margin to allow for additional customers wishing to purchase a whole cake (this varies from store to store and cakes may not always be available). Our pre-prepared cakes are primarily baked for sale by the slice. As we bake from scratch each day and bake just enough for anticipated demand, we value this limited supply of cake at a slightly higher cost than those pre-ordered for collection or delivery. The price difference is calculated according to the cake’s cost per slice to make it fair on our in store customers.


What is the minimum spend online?

Customers are advised that the minimum spend online is now £10.


Why don't you accept American Express online?

As American Express doesn't currently support ehanced security online for our industry, in order to combat growing credit card fraud, we've decided to only accept American Express using chip and pin in-store.


What is your in-store returns policy?

If your product is faulty or incorrect, or you feel that we left out some of your items, please return it within 48 hours to the branch at which it was purchased, along with proof of purchase till receipt and we'll be happy to give you an exchange or a refund. Unfortunately we are unable to make any refunds or exchanges without the requested proof of purchase receipt and/or the original faulty products. For online purchases, please see our Terms and Conditions for the returns process.